Our Story

Vintage Amara is a brand like no other.
It is inspired by the glamorous jewellery of the Art Deco period and the era of The Golden Age of Hollywood. 
I started this brand because I was in awe of the beautiful jewellery that I was brought up around; antique dealing goes back 4 generations in my family  and I wanted to make  these glamorous, well-made items available to a generation who were more influenced by charm beads or buying cheaper, throw-away items.
I started selling original vintage finds from the 1920s all the way to the power dressing 1980s about 2 years ago, but wanting to expand my business I then went on to create my own line of jewellery that was vintage inspired, to sell alongside my exclusive pieces.
Each piece of jewellery is sourced by myself and I oversee all the buying. Vintage Amara jewellery captures a period of time where jewellery really was the most beautiful. Each piece promises to make you look and feel glamorous.