The Story Of Christian Dior by Mitchel Maer.

Mitchel Maer was an American born, London living, costume jewellery mastermind. His work was often inspired by Victorian designs and many of which featured faux pearls and semi-precious stones, such as citrines and peridots. Although no longer producing jewellery, his work still catches the eyes of many, including the prestigious Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum in London. A wonderful Unicorn brooch designed by Maer featured there in the summer of 2022. His work caught the eye of Christian Dior in the early 1950s and Maer began producing jewellery for the house in 1952. Maer's time at Dior was notable but short. In 1956, Maer's company was declared bankrupt and took it into voluntary liquidation. Maer took most of his remaining stock into an auction. Dior then insisted the original 'CHRISTIAN DIOR BY MITCHEL MAER' plaques were to be removed before the jewellery was sold. Christian Dior by Mitchel Maer jewellery is hard to come by, but ones that still feature their original plaques, are an even rarer find. Our buying team at Vintage Amara were lucky enough to find one, this bracelet is the only one of its kind and even features an original Christian Dior bracelet box. Take a look here.
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